CHATUCHAK MARKET “Anything you want you got it”

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CHATUCHAK MARKET “Anything you want you got it”

CHATUCHAK MARKET “Anything you want you got it”

Chatuchak Market is considered the most popular outdoor market in Bangkok. They offer everything about  vintage style, fashion, furniture and pet. Not only stuff but you can also find delicious traditional Thai food. Moreover, you are surely that the price are cheap. The market has over 8,000 shops. Therefore, it may difficult to source out things you are looking for. 

  • Fashion , Clothes : Section 2,3,4
  • Home Decoration, Chiangmai Stuffs, Tribal Stuffs : 24,25,26
  • Artificial Flower , Fruit and Thai Vintage Utensil : 15,17,19
  • Secondhand Fashion Stuffs: 5,6
  • Food Store : 10, 12, 14
Bangkok chatuchak map Street Weekend Market

1. Mazmoizelle

If you are looking for the unique and weightless bags with creative design, you can find it at Mazmoizelle shop. Go check it out!!!

For Contact: Facebook : Mazmoizelle

Location : Location Section 3 Soi 43/1


2. De’Chormon :

This shop is highly recommended for girls who like pretty pastel-color embroidered shirts. It also comes up with reasonable and affordable prices. Do not miss this shop!

For contact: Facebook : De’Chormon

Instagram : De’Chormon

Location: Section 3 Soi 43/1 No. 106


3. Once Upon A Time

Finish buying stuffs for yourself, Don’t forget to buy stuff to your beloved.  If  you want to buy super lovely clothes for your kids . Once Upon A Time is the shop we recommend!

For contact : Instagram : Once Upon A Time

Location:Section 2 Soi 40


4.Refreshing Treats  and Sweets

 The look of these refreshing popsicles (called I-tim lod, or ice cream in a tube), these come in popular soft drink flavors like coca-cola.


How to get there from our hostel

Skytrain (BTS)

Travelling to JJ Market by Skytrain (BTS) is by far the best and easiest method of transport .You can take the train from Ratchatewi station and take off  Mo Chit Station (exit no. 3).


If you want to earn a new experience of transportation, you can probably take a taxi or Tuk Tuk. The price is around 100-150 baht.

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