Interesting Place to Visit in Bangkok Old Town

Interesting Place to Visit in Bangkok Old Town

Grand Palace Old town Bangkok
Temple of Dawn Old town BangkokTemple of Dawn Old town Bangkok
Bangkok National Museum Cultural ArtBangkok National Museum Cultural Art
Old town Map Bangkok
  1. The Grand Palace

The number one must-see sight for the visitors of Bangkok (and also Thailand). The beautiful palace has been the home of Royal family, Furthermore, It is where Wat Phra Kaew is located. Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It s regarded as the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand.

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2. Wat Pho

Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha) is one of the largest temple complexes in Bangkok. It is famous for the giant reclining Buddha that measures 46 meters long and is covered in gold leaf. It is also a great place to get a traditional Thai massage.

3. Wat Arun

The different design along with riverside view of Chao Phraya River make Wat Arun one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok. You can also climb to the top of the distinctive Prang (spires) and watch the sunset there.

4. Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

At Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall you will experience the history of Bangkok, learn more about Thai lifestyles and believes, Chakri Dynasty through the modern techniques such as films, music, computer displays and a guided tour.

5. The Bangkok National Museum
The Bangkok National Museum is the largest museum in Southeast Asia. It features exhibits of Thai art and artifacts and it also displays the collections of regional Asian Buddhist Arts . 

6. Wang Lang Market 

Just cross the ferry from the old town area to “Wang Lang pier” and you will find this crowded market. They sell everything here, from clothes to pharmaceutical drug and especially if you’re into Thai Street Food, this is a market for you because you will find almost all kinds of food here.

7. Krua Apsorn

Krua Apsorn is a long time classic Thai restaurant in Bangkok. The restaurant is famous for its good quality, delicious mellow and real Thai taste and the price is reasonable. The chef here used to cook for the royalty.

8. Pad Thai Pratu Phi (Thip Samai Pad Thai)

Opened in 1966, Thip Samai is known as having the Best Pad Thai in Bangkok. Its popular dish is Pad Thai Haw Kai Goong Sot (Pad Thai wrapped with egg with fresh shrimp)

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